TX series Signal Transducers
  TX series Signal Repeaters
  TX series Temperature Transmitters
  TX series Buffer Amplifiers for Servo Valves
  408 Series Loop Powered Indicators
  JB series Battery Powered Indicator
  MPX series Loop Powered Indicators
  CY series Digital Indicator with control options
  CY series large display Digital Indicators  DX series Digital Indicators & Multi-parameter Displays  AF / AK series Digital Indicator with control options  VX series DIN rail mount Indicator with control  JX series Flameproof Indicators with control options  BMX series Bar Graph Indicators  DX-390
  DX series Current Relays
  DX series Voltage Relays
  AHT series Rel Humidity / Temperature Controller
  HTP series Probe for RH+T Controller
  VZ series Dual Channel Scanners and Loggers
  MAX series Multi-Channel Scanners
  VZ series single channel Data Logger
  MX series Multi-channel Data Logger
  MX series Flow Totalizers
  MX series Differential Flow Totalizers
  SGR series Res based Earthing Relays
  ISGR series Res+Cap based Relays
  SX series DC Power Supplies
  CX series DC to DC Converters
  SPX series Static Power Switching Units
  GPS based Current Interrupt Timer
  RTC based Current Interrupt Timer
  TX series Transducers
  FFR series Fuse Failure Relays
  DX/CY series Digital Meters  ADM /CZ series Modbus Converters  RME series Modbus to Ethernet Converter  SX series Power Supply Units
  LG series Alphanumeric Display Unit
  Temperature Monitored Fan Speed Controller
  FAU series Fire Alarm Units
  KPL series Keypad Locks
  3ZTC series Three zone Temp Display  DAX series Ammeters for PDU  IFA series Smoke Alarm units  PD series multiparameter Displays  FLC series Fan Control Cards  HTR series Rel. Humidity Monitors  HTI series Temp & Rel Humidity Indicators  TM series Temperature Monitor  FSM series AC/DC Fan Status Monitors  FMC series Fan Speed & Temp Monitors
  STL series Sequencer
  JX series Indicators & Controllers
  TX series Temperature Transmitters
  Static Grounding Systems
  JM/MMX series Loop powered Indicators
  JB series Battery powered Indicators  MTX series Loop powered Transmitters  MX series Flow Totalizer/Batch Controller  AKM series customized Keyboards
  Customized HMI units and Keyboards
  AAC series PC Compatible Keyboards
  FFR series Fuse Monitoring Relays
  MFR series Fuse Monitoring Relays
  RTD Pt-100 (Three Wire)
  FLC series Fan Control Cards
  FMC series Fan Speed & Temp Monitors
  FSM series AC/DC Fan Status Monitors
  APH series pH Indicators
  ORP series ORP Indicators
  ACO series Conductivity Indicators
  CZ series RS232 to RS485 Converter
  CZ series RS232 to Ethernet Converter
  CZ series Modbus to Ethernet Converter
  ADM series Analog/Digital to Modbus Conv.
  RME series Modbus to Ethernet Converter
  JX series Indicators & Controllers
  MFX series Loop powered Indicators
  TX series PUT for Temperature transmission
  TX series TPI for Tap Position transmisssion
  CY series Digital Indicators
  SX series DC Power Supply Units